About Me

Since retiring from the Wayne County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office in 2001, I have volunteered at various non-profit agencies, mediated special education and divorce disputes, traveled and lived abroad. enjoyed my children and their families, and, most of all, spent more time with my wife of over 57 years.  I have a passion for viewing art and the stories that such creative works can tell.  I wanted to create art to communicate ideas, feelings, and different perceptions of our surroundings. I want to tell stories that excite others.  I use photography as my medium.

I began studying photography at Washtenaw Community College in 2016 under the guidance of outstanding photography educators like Terry Abrams, Don Werthman, and others.  I will receive my associate degree in photography this May.

I use both old and new photographic technology to tell my stories. Some works are photo essays.  I use a series of images, sometimes accompanied by text, meant to share my feelings, experiences, or opinions.

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