About me

Since 2001 when I retired from the Wayne County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office,  I have been a volunteer with several non-profit agencies,  traveled and lived abroad,  enjoyed  my children and their families, and, most of all, spent more time with my wife of over 55 years.  During my travels, I loved visiting art museums.  I wanted to produce art that would  communicate ideas and feelings, and would excite others.

I chose photography.  Since early childhood, I loved to look at photographs in large family photo albums.  There would be photos of family and places – each with its own story to tell. In junior high school I started taking my own photos with a  Brownie camera.  With the help of my father, I set up a small darkroom in the basement of our house and would develop film and make contact prints from negatives of my photos.

Since that time I have continued to take photos using a variety of film and digital cameras.  In November of 2015,  I purchased a new higher end digital camera and began to learn all that I could about its use and the principles that go into making a photograph.

Soon after my purchase I enrolled at Washtenaw Community College, https://wccnet.edu, to take classes in  photography.  WCC is known for having a superior program in photography with an outstanding faculty and facility.

I have continued to take classes there through the present  and appreciate the outstanding instruction I have received.

This website displays some of my work.

The photographs displayed are taken with both film, large and medium format, and digital cameras.

I appreciate any feedback on my work.  You can reach me by email at mike@michaelfried.com.

Please be aware that none of the photographs appearing in this site may be used for commercial purposes without my explicit permission.

Michael Fried
April 2021